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KICB Visits the National Veterans Memorial and Museum 

Nat Vet Memorial Inside
Nat Vet Memorial

Columbus, Ohio

One of our favorite shared pastimes is traveling the United States and learning more about its history, people, and places. In November 2023, we had the opportunity to combine those interests and visit the National Veteran's Memorial and Museum in Columbus, Ohio. With Vanessa Mae and Paige Madison joining the military, we thought it would be a great opportunity to learn more about our brothers and sisters in uniform and share it with our actual younger brothers. 

The mission of the memorial and museum is to "honor and positively impact the lives of Veterans, their families and our communities through sharing the Veteran experience." A facility meant to celebrate and support Veteran families is right up our alley.

National Veterans Memorial and Museum Link


I Am Not Invisible Project

Not Invisible Deanne_edited.jpg

Madison, Wisconsin

Deanne was honored to be invited to participate in the Wisconsin Veterans Museum's I Am Not Invisible (IANI) project. The nationwide effort started in Oregon in 2017 gives voice to the stories of women Veterans and the challenges the almost 2 million women veterans face, including access to healthcare and services as well as recognition of their achievements and participation in our nation's military services.

Click here to visit the Wisconsin Veterans Museum's online IANI exhibit.

Click here to see Deanne's interview.


Click here to learn more about IANI from the Veterans Affairs site.

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