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Service is a Family Commitment

What is KICB?

We are the children of military and government service members. We don't choose this lifestyle, but we thrive, together!

The Podcast

Join us as we celebrate and cope with the challenges, sacrifices, and experiences KICB face

at home and abroad.

The Future

Our goal is to build a community through our podcast, social media, a recognition program, and merch for young people to proudly wear.

Our Mission


For anyone who has ever struggled to answer that question:

"Where are you from?"

we are here for you. KICB aims to recognize and give voice to the children of military and government service members who sacrifice so much in support of their service member. These sacrifices often go unrecognized. We are creating a community to explore our shared challenges, support each other, and learn ways to cope with the hurdles.

uniform mom and fam
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